Columbia Psychology Scientific Computing: Welcome

Welcome to our tutorial repository! This site is under construction–please pardon our web dust.

In-person scientific computing support

During the fall 2019 semester, the graduate methods support advisors are holding open office hours on Mondays (except the 4th Monday of each month) from 10:30a to 12:00p.

CU psychology graduate students can stop by for to chat about using computing tools at any stage of the research process. Use cases include, but are not limited to:

Outside of office hours, the support advisors can also assist over email.

Syllabus: Intro to Coding for Social Scientists

This is our core introductory scientfic computing syllabus. The materials here are designed to be suitable for learners with little to no prior programming experience.

Additional instructional materials

Many of these materials were originally prepared as presentations for Columbia Psychology R users, but are also designed to be stand-alone tutorials that you can read through and learn from remotely. These materials span a wider range of learner skill levels, and assume basic experience with scientific computing.

scientific computing rules